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Welcome to our web site

NTH Silver Recovery Service, Inc. was founded in 1979 by Tom and Norma Henderson. 

We provide Silver Recovery Service for Hospital and Clinical Radiographic Departments as well as Lithographic and Photographic processing labs. 

We are currently registered to provide service in Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, South Dakota, and Texas.  We are registered with both the Kansas Corporation Commission and the U.S. Department Of Transportation. 

We are a full service company with an emphasis placed on service to the customer.


Electrolytic And Metallic Replacement Silver Recovery Systems

Recycling And Purging Of Archive Files And Darkroom Scrap Film

Contact With Prospective Clients

Initial Contact is made with the Executive Administrator of each Facility. 

All business transactions are then conducted only with personnel authorized by the Executive Administrator.

Method of Payment

Payment is made by company check at the time of pickup. 

Exchanging materials for Certified .999+fine Silver Bullion can also be made at the time of pickup.


Purchase Price

 The Handy and Harmon or New York COMEX price quote for .999+fine silver per troy ounce on the date of pickup is multiplied by the quoted price factor to determine the unit purchase price. 

For film purged at our warehouse facility, the quote for the date that a purge is completed is used.

Documents of Transactions

All transactions are fully documented and are signed by an authorized facility representative. 

All materials are weighed in the presence of an authorized facility representative.  Invoices will indicate the total weights of each item purchased, the unit purchase price, and the total amount paid to the facility as well as the number of the NTH Silver Recovery Services, Inc. check issued as payment. 

An authorized signature is required for removal of any items from the seller's premises.  Any sales or service of Electrolytic Silver Recovery Units, or Metallic Replacement Cells is also fully documented.