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Electrolytic And Metallic Replacement Silver Recovery Systems

NTH Silver Recovery Services, Inc. sells and services Electrolytic Silver Recovery Units and Disposable Metallic Replacement Cells.  These systems, when properly installed and operated, can help ensure facility compliance with all applicable Federal, State, and Local silver discharge requirements. 

Each system is tailored to suit the silver recovery needs of each specific customer.  A complete stock of repair parts is kept in each of our service trucks, as well as loaner units that can be installed free of charge to the customer, if removal of a unit is required in order to facilitate a repair. 

Periodic service and desilvering is provided free of charge to the customer as long as NTH Silver Recovery Services, Inc. is purchasing all film and unrefined silver flake from the facility.  The silver flake removed from the electrolytic units is weighed, invoiced, and paid for at the time of pickup from the facility. 

Disposable cells are refined on a percentage basis, and payment is based upon an assay report.  A copy of the assay report is forwarded to the customer along with the payment for the silver yield.

Recycling And Purging Of Archive Files And Darkroom Scrap Film

All film picked up for recycling is transported in company owned trucks to our warehouse. All materials are totally recycled using a non toxic, non hazardous method that permits recycling of both the film base and the silver. Containers are provided free of charge to facilitate transport of silver bearing materials.

All purged film and darkroom scrap film will be weighed, invoiced, and paid for at the time of pickup. Arrangements can be made for purging of archive files in the folders. The film is removed from the folders at our warehouse by our personnel. All folders, reports, etc. are transported in a covered steel container directly to the slurry pit of the paper recycler. Patient confidentiality is maintained at all times.

Payment is then based on the actual film weight and an accounting of the total film and paper weight is provided with the payment. A certificate of destruction can be provided upon request.